The New Centre

Chatswood Central A New Centre


The New Chatswood Central

Chatswood Central Shopping Centre has been transformed into a contemporary shopping and lifestyle hub.


The Centre has recently completed its exciting redevelopment. The 1,506sqm extension now hosts over 20 specialty stores and a expanded full line Woolworths supermarket.

Lancini Property and Development will remain the long-term owner and manager of Chatswood Central.

Questions and Answers

What is the history of Chatswood Central?

Chatswood Central is a popular local shopping centre located in Chatswood Hills and has been servicing the local community for more than 25 years. The Centre has undergone several redevelopments in its lifetime, including work to accommodate a small-scale Woolworths some 10 years ago. Chatswood Central is proudly owned and managed by Lancini Property and Development (Lancini) who are investing in the future and creating a contemporary shopping and lifestyle hub for the community.

Why did Lancini Property and Development expand Chatswood Central?

Lancini is the long-term owner and manager of Chatswood Central. The company is committed to continual improvement and is investing in Chatswood Central to provide a modern, high-quality shopping and lifestyle hub for Chatswood Hills and surrounds.

The project elements

What did the redevelopment involve?

Chatswood Central is has transformed into a contemporary shopping and lifestyle hub. The redevelopment has delivered an expanded and refurbished Woolworths, improved car parking and approximately 10 new specialty stores that will service the needs of the broader Chatswood Hills community. Throughout the redevelopment Woolworths  increased in size from 2,600m2 to 3,800m2. Six existing tenancies were relocated and approximately 10 exciting new specialty tenancies will be added. The new car park was created and excavated and rebuilt over two levels that will be accessed by car ramps, driveways and an automated pedestrian travelator linking to the shops. The total car parking spaces at Chatswood Central has increased to approximately 363.

What are the benefits of the redevelopment?

The redevelopment has ensured that Chatswood Central meets the contemporary needs of shoppers and will provide a vibrant shopping and lifestyle hub for the community. The project has delivered a full line Woolworths, approximately 10 exciting new specialty stores, a new undercover car park, approximately 135 additional car parks with designated seniors, parents and disable parking.

Parking and Traffic

Has the number of car park spaces increased?

Yes, the construction of a new underground car park and the reconfiguration of the existing car park has provided a total of approximately 363 car park spaces – approximately 135 more. A new staff and customer car park has been created on the Corner of Hawkins Street & Chatswood Road that includes approximately 35 car parks for the centre.

Is there provision for bicycles & motorbike parking?

Yes, there is new bicycle racks available (opposite Sushi Ariake) and parking designated for motorbikes (opposite Zarraffa’s and bays located in the car park behind the Tavern – entry via Magellan Road).

How will traffic get in and out of the centre?

Access to the new car parking will be available from both Chatswood Road and Magellan Road.

Community engagement

How can I be involved?

Lancini is committed to open and constructive engagement that adds value to Chatswood Central and the redevelopment. Information on engagement opportunities and interactions with the community will be made available on this website and on the Chatswood Central Facebook page. You can also contact the project team via email: